Meet Jay Fullah, M.A., Psychology Associate

Jay Fullah, M.A., Psychology Associate

This month, we have the good fortune to welcome Jonathan “Jay” Fullah to our clinical team! Jay is a psychology associate who earned his masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Bowie State and has experience working in mental health, addictions treatment, and educational settings. For today’s blog post, we interviewed Jay:

Q: What do you like best about being a therapist?

Jay: I love helping people unlock their unknown potential.

Q: What is something you would like more of your clients to know?

Jay: Running away (psychological escapism) from life problems doesn’t help — it hurts mentally in the long term. Dealing with your past and facing your fears both translate into building real mental strength.

Q: What would you like more of your clients to do?

Jay: Read or listen to positive affirmations each day. Physically exercise at least twice a week (example: walking, weight lifting, cardio workouts).

Q: What is something you want your clients to know about you?

Jay: I love the science of psychology. Eventually I will open up my own private practice. I am also on track to becoming a nationally certified school psychologist(NCSP) within the next 4 years.

Q: Therapists can be so private. What is something most of your clients would never guess about you?

Jay: I love weightlifting and sports cars. One of my favorites is the Jaguar F-type.

Q: If anyone out there is thinking of starting therapy but is hesitating, what would you say to them?

Jay: I would encourage them to think about the long term benefits of psychotherapy. The end results are clearer thinking and more self confidence, with the opportunity for more positive outcomes.

Q: For anyone struggling out there, what would you say to give them hope?

Jay: I’m aware that the global COVID-19 pandemic is creating plenty of paranoia, but there are many things you can do to protect your health. The world will recover.

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