Covid-19 Info

CBPS Policies Related to COVID-19

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, CBPS is currently providing all services by telehealth.* At present, guidance from authorities directs us to continue to provide all (or nearly all) services by telehealth rather than in-person. We take seriously our responsibility to set our COVID-19-related policies–including any policies regarding whether or not to provide in-person care–based not on politics or personal opinions, but on guidance from pertinent federal, state, local, professional, and healthcare authorities, including but not limited to the Centers for Disease Control, state and local health department authorities, our clinicians’ licensure boards, our professional associations’ ethics experts, our malpractice insurers, and our attorneys. We are engaged in planning for an eventual, gradual, safe return to providing routine in-person care, and will update this website when routine in-person care becomes available.

*Please note that during the state of emergency in our area, to support our community, we will not charge or collect more from our clients for teletherapy services than for ordinary in-person therapy

Coping During a Pandemic

There are many ways you and your loved ones can manage stress during this time. Below are some stress reduction tactics that experts agree really do work. Even doing one of these things can make a difference. Perhaps you can take advantage of two or three.

Physical Self-Care

  • Sleep: Sleep 8 or more hours each night
  • Exercise: Exercise daily–even walking or stretching reduces stress
  • Nutrition: Keep regular mealtimes, eat healthy foods, and stay hydrated
  • Relaxation: Take time to relax daily
  • Nature: Spend time in “green spaces” and nature


  • Daily routines: Pattern your day into familiar, comfortable routines
  • Limit work: Limit work hours for healthy work/life balance
  • Limit electronic media: Especially, limit time with social media or news that is negative or stressful
  • Atmosphere: Organize or beautify your home to make it a pleasant, relaxing place

Social Coping

  • Social support: Talk to supportive people; spend quality time with loved ones and pets
  • Action: Take action to change your world for the better (even a little)
  • Compassion: Practice compassion for yourself and others
  • Kindness: Practice kindness to yourself and others

Emotional Coping

  • Acceptance: Accept what is not yours to change
  • Gratitude: Practice feeling grateful for good things, however small
  • Optimism: Practice thinking optimistically
  • Distraction: To interrupt negative thoughts, find a pleasant distracting activity

Spiritual Wellness

  • Experience Awe: Let yourself feel awed by whatever awes you, whether it be God, nature, art, or a sleeping baby
  • Values: Live according to your values
  • Creativity: Express yourself in art, music, writing, dance, cooking, crafts, building, or home projects
  • Mindfulness/Spirituality: Meditate or pray in your own way daily


  • See our Resources page for more information.