We are always interested in diversifying our clinical team. Interested therapists are encouraged to contact our Director to discuss the possibilities.

Employment Opportunities

We Employ:

  • Psychologists, Psychology Associates, LCSW-Cs, LCPCs, LMSWs, and LGPCs
  • School-Based, Office-Based, Hybrid, and Remote Therapists (located in Maryland and select other states)

At Chesapeake Bay Psychological Services, the service we provide to our community is possible only because of our outstanding therapists. Their clinical skills, personal integrity, and genuine dedication to caring respectfully for diverse clientele makes CBPS who we are. Recognizing this, as long as community need exists, we are always open to the possibility of hiring another excellent therapist.

CBPS offers competitive compensation and a supportive work environment that encourages worker autonomy, is respectful of individual and family needs, and allows for a flexible work schedule. Flexibilities include teleworking options. Note that willingness to undergo credentialing with health insurance networks, Medicaid, and (if applicable) Medicare is required.

Licensed therapists who have the strengths we value and are interested in working with us are encouraged to contact our director, Dr. Smithmyer, at 410-604-0226, or to email questions, a letter of interest, resume or curriculum vitae to employment@chesapeakebaypsychological.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chesapeake Bay Psychological Services is an equal opportunity employer.