Natasha Charles-McQueen

Teletherapy for adolescents and adults ages 16 and up.

  • Adjustment challenges including immigration & re-entry
  • Trauma including childhood trauma, sexual abuse/assault, & first responders
  • Emotional challenges including depression, bipolar, anxiety, & grief/loss
  • Stress management/Life transitions
  • Focus/organization difficulties

Training, Experience, and Approach:

Natasha has training and experience working with diverse clients including troubled young adults, incarcerated adults, sexual assault survivors, and mature (senior) adults. Her integrative approach incorporates client-centered, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and insight-oriented techniques. Clients find Natasha to be encouraging, upbeat, insightful, and supportive.

In Natasha’s words:

Apprehensive about therapy? You are not alone! Many people feel apprehensive about beginning counseling or starting over with a new therapist. Therapy provides a safe space to work on your coping with challenging situations, behaviors, and emotions. Do not allow trust issues or fear of the unknown prevent you from getting help. We will take the first step together.

Natasha is a licensed graduate professional counselor. She has a master of science degree in Applied Psychology from Walden University, and is currently completing Walden’s doctoral degree program in Psychology. Natasha is a certified trauma professional.