School Based Therapy

For the convenience of students and parents, we offer therapy services to students at several local schools, including Kent Island Elementary, Bayside Elementary, Stevensville Middle, Matapeake Elementary, and Matapeake Middle Schools. We may add school-based therapy services at other QACPS schools, so feel free to call us to ask if we can see your child at a school not listed here.

Parents seeking school-based therapy services for a child should contact us to schedule an initial appointment (by telehealth, at the office, or at school) with one of our school-based therapists. At the initial appointment, the therapist can answer questions about school-based therapy, and the child, therapist, and parent(s) can discuss whether school-based therapy is the best treatment plan.

To schedule the initial appointment, Contact Us or Register Here. 

Healthcare providers and educators may submit a referral for school-based therapy using our HIPAA-compliant School-Based Referral Form.

Insurance coverage for school-based therapy is no different from insurance coverage for therapy at the office. Except when children have state medical assistance (Medicaid), we do require parents of children receiving school-based therapy to provide authorization for CBPS to charge a credit card on file for parental financial responsibilities such as copayments and deductibles—since insurers require us to collect copayments at the time of service.

Our school-based therapists are Savannah Rourk and Alli Kirszenbaum, and our school-based clinical coordinator is Ann Dodge. You may read more about them on Our Staff page.

If you have questions about school-based therapy before scheduling, feel free to Contact Us.